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Lambert & Lambert's Invention Evaluation Process

Lambert & Lambert

A forward-thinking invention licensing company, Lambert & Lambert employs engineers, attorneys, market research professionals and others to help ensure client success. Lambert & Lambert, however, does not accept all clients and invention ideas, only those that meet its strict criteria.

Because the company funds the product's initial marketing and licensing process, it only accepts potential inventions which it deems exceptional in both categories. Among other guidelines, the company examines the legality, safety, performance, and potential profitability of the invention. It also factors in the quality and quantity of related products, as well as consumer appeal and any major barriers regarding its manufacture or market acceptance. The turnaround time of each evaluation is roughly three weeks, and inventions that receive a passing grade are immediately put through the marketing and licensing process.
Although the company pays for the cost of the above processes, there is a $199 invention evaluation fee, which is primarily used to ensure it receives ideas from those who are serious about their invention. Regardless of whether or not the invention is accepted, the inventor will receive a formalized report with post-evaluation details.

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